Raider’s Rumble – Fortnite (Duo) Tournament – January 26th

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Miami Fortnite Tournament Duo Box Fight LAN

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Fortnite Duo Boxfights

Join the first-ever Miami Fortnite Duo Box Fight LAN tournament! Teams of two will play head to head and compete against other local Miami teams for a chance at the tournament grand prize and some free gear. This will be a single-elimination tournament so make sure to bring your A-game.

You can either sign up as a team of two or a teammate will be assigned to you on the day of the tournament. You still must purchase a ticket at the full price.

Compete in the Miami ROK Fortnite Tournament!

Rules & Tournament Style:

Match Length: 

  • Style: 16 – Team Bracket
  • Game Mode: 2v2 DUO box fights
  • Advancement: Winner Advances
  • Format: Single Elimination
    • Winners: Top 2 Teams Paid Out
  • Rounds: First to 5
  • Registration: 12-1: PM
  • Tournament Run Time: 1 PM – 8 PM
  • If the tournament runs later than 8 PM the tournament will finish online January 29th at 8 PM.


  • BYOG (Bring your own gear) Gear will be provided, but for optimal performance bring what you are comfortable with (Mouse, Keyboard, and Mousepad)
  • Headsets will be provided by ROK and you will not be welcome to use your own headset.
  • All games will be played on PC’s provided by ROK eSports
    • Cyber Power Pc – Nvidia 1070, 16gb ram, i7-8700 processor, 144 hz MSI monitor.
    • ABS summoner PC – Nvidia 2070, 16gb ram, i7-8700, 144hz MSI monitor

Prize Pool*

  • 1st Place: $400+ ROK eSports Shirt
  • 2nd Place: $100

Location: Spanish Marie

Address: 14251 SW 120th St Unit 108 Miami, FL 33186

*This Prize Pool is based on a 32 person bracket, the purse can increase or decrease depending on the total number of teams. The tournament will be capped at 24 until we are able to expand the number of computers we currently own.


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