About Us


Raiders of the Knight (ROK) Gaming is a team of passionate gamers. We strive to create a one of a kind culture within the City of Miami, building the foundation for future generations. By creating a safe, social space where the Miami gaming Community can come together, regardless of age, ROK Gaming will usher in a new era of eSports in Miami.


Our mission is to create a socially cultured gaming community.


Our vision is to provide equal opportunity to passionate gamers, by offering a high-end affordable gaming experience

Our Story

ROK eSports was established in November 2018 by Cody Dierickx and Jon Ortiz.

Our goal is to bring an esports bar and LAN center to cultivate the social and competitive gaming within the city of Miami. In December, we took our first step in achieving our dreams by purchasing the initial set of equipment. We wanted to differentiate ourselves from other organizers by offering competitors high-quality equipment to play on while being as professional as possible. Our goal is to allow amateur players to compete at a professional level and gain LAN tournament experience. Currently, ROK runs competitive tournaments at local bar venues throughout the City of Miami.

We have a lot planned for the Miami Gaming community and we hope you guys join us for this journey!

Meet the Team


Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Personal Dream: My personal dream is to evolve the growth of eSports both locally and nationally.

Favorite Video Game: Favorite video game at the moment would be Fortnite, but this changes all the time.

What do you want to see from ROK in the future: I want to see ROK build a community of casual/competitive gamers to help community members achieve their dreams.

Why you love esports: I love eSports because I am very passionate about video games and I genuinely love watching people play at the ultimate level.

Favorite esports team: FaZe


Co-Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Personal Dream: To create a better financial and social future for myself , my family, and my friends

Favorite Video Game: League of Legends

What do you want to see from ROK in the future: I hope ROK becomes a Regional and then National esports giant

Why I love esports: Ever since discovering competitive video game play through blizzard’s battle.net I’ve had a knack for being extremely competitive. Playing sports, growing up and loving video games, makes esports the ultimate competitive arena for someone like myself.

Favorite Esports Team: TSM

Jovi “JoviGG” Vera

Twitch Streamer, Content Manager

Personal Dream: To manage an esports Organization

Favorite Video Game: Rainbow Six Siege because I went pro. Currently Apex is my Favorite Game.

What do you want to see from ROK in the future: To become one of the top contending esports organizations

Why I love Esports: I love esports because it creates an even platform for everyone to compete. Not like sports where height and strength play a huge factor.

Favorite Esports Team: Dont have a favorite.

Miguel “EZtrain” Ocampo

Twitch Caster, Marketing Assistant

Personal Dream: To be heavily involved in the esports industry

Favorite Video Game: Super Smash Bros. Melee/ Monster Hunter

What do you want from ROK in the future: More of an online presence on Twitch and YouTube

Why I love Esports: People of all ages can come together over a passion for gaming, as spectators or competitors. The vibe and hype of the major competitions is amazing.

Favorite Esports Team: Cloud 9

Cesar “Ensalada” Reveron

Tournament Organizer, Finance Assistant

Personal Dream:To have worked enough to not have to worry about money so I can support myself and my family

Favorite Video Game:Chrono trigger

What you want from ROK in the future: I would love to see ROK sponsoring teams/players to help them achieve their dreams

Why I love Esports: It’s a fairly new industry with lots of opportunities for personal growth and financial stability

Favorite Esports Team: Echo Fox

Anthony “l CookEm l” Casas

Tournament Organizer

Personal Dream: My dream is to one day be drafted to the NBA2KLeague and showcase my skills on the virtual court at the highest level.

Favorite Video Game: This is tough cause there has been a lot of iconic games for me. Halo 3, MW2, and the NBA 2K franchise are definitely top tier for me.

What do you want to see from ROK in the future: I want to see ROK eventually start up professional esports teams across different games and become a staple in the esports world.

Why I love Esports: I have been playing video games all my life and love to see how good people are at video games when they put the time in. When you pay attention real close to competitive games and what the players do, you can see the strategy and iq they have even though they make it look easy

Favorite Esports Team: Cloud 9